.... Yeah. ;u; 

I knocked over the tripod Ive borrowed from school earlier by mistake (it was folded up and the camera wasnt on it though so thats good), and it scared Willow, and she was making like she was gonna jump up on the couch and scratch me (or at least she wanted to), and so I moved over to the arm of the couch to try to avoid that (and I sit on the arm of the couch for a minute or two sometimes anyway, but this time I mustve slipped or gone too far or something), but I ended up almost falling and I knocked over a couple MORE things, which scared Willow again, and she ran over and scratched my leg in two places, and evidently somewhere in there I ended up with the corner of the end table next to where I sit on the couch digging into the back of my leg, because now Ive got a briuse, whoops. ^^; On the upside, I somehow didnt knock over the remains of the cup of orange juice I had this morning, or the can of Voltage I had next to me, even though there was probably a pretty big chance of knocking them over since I was probably almost on top of them, but Im not gonna complain, aha. xD

Im also pretty sure Im more hurt by the fact that Willow scratched me at all than by the scratches themselves, since even though Willow tends to kinda hiss a lot, she doesnt usually tend to scratch a lot. .3. I mean, my leg did sting for a bit, but ehhh, that doesnt really matter to me a whole ton I dont think? 

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but its getting kinda late, and Im writing from my ipad again so Im running out of room to type, whoops. ;o; So I think Im gonna go to bed for tonight! ;u; 

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and Ill try to finaaaally tell you guys about camp too. xD

Night guys! ^^